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Oct 26, 2021

Jeremy Sherman PhD has been on many of the rides in life's amusement park. For example, in his 20’s he was an engineer getting water to poor Guatemalan villages and was also an elected elder in the world’s largest hippy commune. During a juicy midlife crisis he pivoted to academic research on the questions that were eating at him. He now calls himself a cradle-to-grave researcher, collaborating with a Berkeley neuroscientist on everything from the chemical origins of life to the nature of assholes and cults today. Sherman is the author of a Columbia University Press book about life's origins but also 1000 articles for Psychology Today about everyday doubts and decision making. He has three podcasts including one in which he debates himself and another that’s a podclass reading of his new book, What’s up with assholes? How to spot and stop them without becoming one.

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